Star Wars : Generation Skywalker


August 25, 2022

Beginning with a peek at what contemporary Star Wars collectibles the team has been buying, this episode of our Modern collecting roundtable show takes a look at what happened when Generation Skywalker attended the recent London Film and Comic Con as part of the Star Wars Zone, as well as exploring the supply, quality, packaging and price issues that are angering parts of the Hasbro collecting community.

And of course we run through all the fresh releases from The Vintage Collection, Black Series, Hot Toys, Lego, Funko and beyond.

Where will Dan find the room for a 4 foot N1 Starfighter? Just how far will Jez's 'one from everything' rule extend? Will Stu be buyng a petwer Fett bust for his mahogany panelled snooker room?

Click play and find out.

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