Star Wars : Generation Skywalker


October 31, 2021

Join Stu, Craig and Jez as they look back on all the highlights of Book Month 2021, which this year featured Becca Benjamin, Brian Cameron, Mark Mulcaster and Stephane Faucourt.


Has a month of shows focused on Star Wars literature influenced the team? What has Stu been buying? What has Jez got on his reading list? Just how much sex and violence is portrayed on Craig’s new Shadows of the Empire trading cards?   


The  answers are all here, plus there’s a blow-by-blow recap of our Eulogising Legends knockout competition, exploring which Legends  characters you think are worth bringing back into future Star Wars movies, TV shows, books and comics. 


Things get tense and friendships are tested as Craig reveals the ultimate winner of the nail-biting final.

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