Star Wars : Generation Skywalker


November 11, 2021

Songwriter, musician and artist Darren Hayman sits down with Craig to talk about how the re-discovery of his childhood Star Wars figures has inspired a new set of paintings, some tentative steps into collecting and his first ever attendance at a Comic Con. 


From his beginnings with much-loved indie band, Hefner, to a solo career that has seen him bring his enquiring mind and unique creative perspective to everything from open air swimming pools to the Essex witch trials, Darren’s latest project sees him tapping into the magic of vintage Star Wars. 


Join us for a tale of action figures loved, lost and found again, Darren's memories of experiencing Star Wars in the UK in the mid 70s, his thoughts on the success of The Mandalorian, and discover how he is adapting his painting style to produce work that not only captures the look of his old figures, but their spirit too. 


It's work made with acrylics and a lot of love.

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