Star Wars : Generation Skywalker


October 8, 2021

From one Squid Head to Another – a truly endearing interview.


The Star Wars community was saddened this week to learn of the passing of one of the friendliest actors in the franchise, Gerald Home who is best known for playing the ROTJ character Squid Head. Gerald always had time for the fans, would greet everyone with the biggest of smiles and was clearly happy to share his stories and experiences. 


In 2015, he was kind enough to be interviewed by Jez’s son Leo who was 9 years old and had been given the nickname Squid Head by Jez several years before! 


This interview beautifully encapsulates Gerald’s involvement with the fans. Even though the sound quality isn’t the best, the GS crew feel that the Star Wars community would love to listen to this interview. 

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