Generation Skywalker

Retracing Trailers : Part 2 : The Prequel Trilogy

August 23, 2021

If there was a shortcut to a Star Wars master's degree, this episode could be the primary dissertation and a really enlightening and enjoyable one at that.

Take your seats with the Generation Skywalker crew as they conduct a deep dive analysis of the Prequel trailers from the very first teaser for The Phantom Menace, to the hidden ‘mystery’ trailer for Attack Of The Clones and the arguably show-all spoiler trailer for Revenge Of The Sith.

Add in a selection of fan-made trailers and you have the full set. Jez is joined by Grant, Craig, Stu and Dan to dissect the trailers and give everyone a new hope for the prequels. This will make you want to rewatch them all! Seriously.

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