Star Wars : Generation Skywalker


March 25, 2021

As older collectors, we sometimes wonder where the next generation of  vintage obsessives will come from.  


Meet 11 year old Seth and hear how a chance encounter with a Rebel Commando in an old toy box set him and his dad, Richard, on a path to complete a loose run.  


It's been an online, locked-down journey of discovery for Seth and is proving an enjoyable nostalgia trip for Rich too. Though, with both of them being brand new to the hobby, there have been the inevitable mis-steps along the way.   


It's enlightening to hear such fresh perspectives on collecting, as Seth chats about repros, grading, the Dagobah playset and his indifference  towards Jar Jar Binks and animated Clones. This boy has a vintage head  on his young shoulders.  


Along with some choice reminiscences from Rich and reflections on Craig’s attempts to spark the collecting bug in his own children, it's an interview that will strike a chord with anyone whose parent/child bond has been strengthened by a shared love of old Star Wars toys.

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