Star Wars : Generation Skywalker


May 12, 2022
In 1977 a Star Destroyer flew over our heads and the Hildebrandt brothers turned in an mesmerising poster to promote a new space fantasy movie. Star Wars has continued to push the limits of visual artistry on and off screen ever since.
And Attack of the Clones was no exception.
Stu, Jez and Craig go deep on this one, as they explore the marketing campaign – from the teaser poster and Drew Struzan's stunning artwork, to the unusual strategy and some of the clever tactics employed to encourage people around the world into cinemas.
The team also look at the concept work of Doug Chiang and his team, examine the influence of Art Nouveau on the film and cherry pick some of the best licensed and unlicensed art inspired by the movie.
Checking out the enhanced version of this one is very much recommended.

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