Generation Skywalker

The Modern Way : Episode XII

May 29, 2021
From pinball machines to Aztec-inspired Bobas – as Star Wars merch continues to come thick and fast, we explore all the latest announcements from Hasbro, Hot Toys, Funko and many more – including a special peek at what went down on the GeekiTikis May the 4th Livestream.
The team discuss what they’ve been buying and offer up some in-hand reviews of the Mando Retro Collection and the Tantive IV corridor, we take a look back at the Gentle Giant Jumbo vintage figures and give a shout to Misao Soaps & Candles – the independent makers we are championing with our competition this month.
Jez’s trip to the framers inspires a more in-depth showcase of Mark’s creative work, we discuss the #TimeforTonnika campaign and Stu unearths a decade old copy of SFX magazine which features a very fresh-faced member of the Generation Skywalker team.

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