Star Wars : Generation Skywalker


September 18, 2022

Bill McBride is universally recognised as THE Darth Vader collector.  The lifelong Star Wars fan holds the Guinness World Record for the ‘Largest Darth Vader Collection in the World’.

Generation Skywalker were delighted to have Bill join the team for this month's extra special deep dive into the Dark Lord of the Sith.

We would be honoured if you’d join us and listen to the probing questions on all aspects of Bill's life as a Star Wars fan and a variety of his collecting highlights.

Bill shares some incredible collecting stories and covers all aspects of his Vader Vault from his mushroom tipped DT to his treasured Ralph McQuarrie Party Favours and from his 1978 Darth Vader beer to his 1999 Japanese Motorcycle Jacket. The less said about the Darth Condoms and Darth Vader Mr. Potato the better! The interviews are split into 2: ‘Bill & collecting’ and later in the show ‘Bill’s collection’. Plus, there is a Rapid-Fire round at the end of the show to put him on the spot.

The team is also blessed to host two small sections from the Variant Villains crew who open our minds to the plethora of differences in: figures, capes and sabers. A fascinating insight.

Jez, Dan, Craig and Stu also cover a variety of beyond the toys Darth Vader items to ensure that the greatest film villain in the Galaxy is truly honoured.

The enhanced YouTube version of this great show has just begun will be out towards the end of September.

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