Star Wars : Generation Skywalker


May 3, 2021

Join Stuart, Mark, Craig and guest host Marc Hockley for a packed vintage show.


The boys celebrate the life of John Kellerman and look at the impact his book 'Star Wars Vintage Action Figures' had on our hobby. We also review some of the choice lots from the David Prowse Estate Auction taking place on May 4th.


The team share some collecting stories, one of which features the unique perspective of Ali Martin, whose chance discovery of a rare Helix item led him into the world of high-end vintage collectibles.


After last month's movie-led loose line-up, Craig returns to examine just how accurate Kenner's accessory allocations were. The team also breakdown the last 17, with a close look at each figure and an exploration of prices and how they've risen vastly over the years. Is the £2.5k that is often offered as the going price on social media accurate?


We also take a look back at Episode 8 of Those Old Fossils and explain where we will be taking the reproduction conversation next.

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