Star Wars : Generation Skywalker


February 14, 2021

Repros in the vintage toy hobby are always a hot topic. Stuart, Craig and Mark are joined by special guest Lee Bullock to discuss the issue.


Retroblasting's, Michael French, recently posted a video defending the use of reproduction items and attacking the anti-repro groups. All four of our hosts sit firmly in the anti-repro camp, BUT do the repro supporting members of the hobby have a point?


The team take the main points from the video and discuss them in depth. What damage do reproductions do? Were they more accepted in the earlier days of the hobby? Is there a place for any reproduction part in the hobby? Could the Facebook groups do more with regards to finding some middle ground? Is it time to change our opinions? 


Does the conversation change their stance?  

You'll have to listen in.


But that's not all, as Craig has come up with an original way to display his loose collection and he goes through it bit by bit. Is it a cool way to display? Or has he lost the plot?

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